“If I was ever skeptical about astrology, having my (and my kids) natal chart read by Holly, changed my view. The reading was so accurate! It was an affirmation that I am doing exactly what I am meant to be doing at this stage in my life. If I had had this years ago, I think it would have helped me avoid the internal feelings of guilt and would have guided me to more inner peace. I would recommend a reading to any parent looking for another tool to understanding their child and helping to guide them with their future, or a reading for anyone wanting to learn more about themselves. Holly is very dedicated to this subject and you can tell she takes a lot of time and cares about what she is doing. Thanks Holly!” ~Elizabeth, Indiana

“Holly is wonderful. I just received my first reading due to being the winner in one of her contests. I have no words for how incredible and accurate it was. Amazed and shocked at the same time. Would definitely recommend. If you think should I do it or not. DO IT! You will be amazed by the outcome. I will be getting more readings done. That is for sure. Thanks again Holly!” ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ~ Taylor, Kentucky

“I provided Holly with my date and time of birth for an astrological reading. I was curious, and thought it would be fun. I was amazed how detailed the reading was and  how many areas of my life were covered. It was extremely accurate and pin pointed a lot of the major events in my life. It was so insightful, and it helped me understand aspects of my personality and decisions I have made. I go back to the reading from time to time, and each time I read it, I learn something new. I would highly recommend Holly for a reading because of the time and effort she puts into the reading to really understand the person.” ~ Patty, Colorado

“Holly!  I am blown away.  It was so accurate and interesting.  Your descriptions and explanations were just right, easy to understand and provided the platform to make connection.  I love the validation of working my chart. ” ~ Erin, Kentucky

“Thanks so much for the insightful reading. Holly is truly intuitive and compassionate. It’s wonderful confirmation to see the natural talents and personality of a child. I highly recommend it to anyone; it’s not only interesting but very useful.” ~ Sandra, Kentucky

“My child’s reading was amazing! Spot on things Holly was telling me as I was literally trying to type her the same things! She will give you cold chills!!! It’s like she already knows your child without ever meeting them!!! I would highly recommend this to anyone with a small child!!!!” ~ Ashley, Kentucky

“Holly did wonderful on my daughters reading! Everything is so spot on. I can go back and read it and it’s almost like a hand book to my daughter! Definitely recommend her!” ~Mariah, Missouri


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