Saturn Series Talismans For Strength, Commitment and Authority

A rare opportunity presented itself on the Winter Solstice when Jupiter and Saturn joined to form what some have called The Star of Bethlehem. Some astrologers have coined this event, “The Great Conjunction” which happens every 20 years but even rarer does the element change when these two planets meet as it did this time from Earth to Air.

This moment offered a unique opportunity to create talismans with the intention of creating new structures, so whether that be a project, business, health routine, etc. These talismans were created with the intention of helping with commitment and discipline as well as gaining authority or expertise in any given endeavor. Saturn is also affiliated with the Hermit or Holy people and practices, so if you are looking to become spiritually disciplined, these talismans may be a good choice.

If you’re experiencing your 1st or 2nd Saturn Return, these talismans can be incorporated in ritual work or aid in achieving goals you set in regards to the area of your astrological chart that Natal Saturn resides.

Materials and invocations used align with invoking Saturn’s most helpful characteristics with the intent that anyone who carries or makes use of these items for good intentions gain discipline, become more responsible, builds a firm foundation and or spiritual practice.

The word Talisman comes from the Greek word, “telesma” meaning consecrated or sacred object, created with the intent of carrying a particular influence aligned with the powers imbued by the astrological election that marks their creation. Talismans are objects created at specific times or within certain ritual contexts for specific purposes.

No matter which Saturn Talisman you choose, the only difference is in the length of charge, not the strength. Paper talismans are temporary and may be effective for weeks or months. Fixed talismans are made of permanent materials and therefore permanent. The talismanic candle includes a permanent talisman that can be kept long after the candle has burned down.

The election details are as follows:

December 21, 2020 @ 1:54 PM in Hardinsburg, KY with Saturn and Jupiter applying to the Midheaven. Venus, ruler of the Ascendant sextiles Saturn and the Moon in Pisces’ next aspect will sextile Saturn. These items were also covered and left undisturbed for an entire lunar cycle to further strengthen their properties.

Even under the best planetary conditions, using materials that align with the planet invoked and with the best intentions, the recipient must also do their part to obtain the results intended. For this reason, success in achieving what you intend can’t be guaranteed, nor refunds issued.

Paper Talisman (6 of 18 Available) $5 Each

Paper Talismans are good for ritual work, to keep on your person or display in a prominent place where you’ll see it everyday as a reminder of goals you’re working to achieve. Paper talismans are no less potent than permanent talismans but their effects may last weeks to months whereas permanent talismans are fixed. Paper talismans might be ideal for launching practices that require discipline such as forming new habits or disciplines. Talismans are made of 2X3.25 cardstock with handwritten Saturn Sigil.

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Rock Talisman (4 of 9 Available) $12 Each

These permanent rock talismans vary in size and are engraved with the planetary glyph of Saturn.

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2″ Aluminum Disc Talisman (6 of 10 Available) $18 Each

These permanent talismans are engraved on both sides. One side contains the glyph of Saturn and the words, “Commitment” and “Discipline” and the other side contains the image of a man holding a scythe and spear standing on a dragon as described in the recommended image for this election.

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8 0z. Talismanic Candle w/Permanent Talisman (3 of 12 available) $25 Each SOLD OUT

These candles include a permanent talisman that can be utilized long after the candle burns down. Materials used include Pine and Patchouli oils, Lapis Lazuli, Quartz Crystal, Thyme, Aluminum, Rock, Poppy Seed and Pine Cones. Candles are hand poured using soy wax for a cleaner burn. The Talisman includes bone and sapphire beads and metal beads with the Saturn and Aquarius symbols. While you may detect some fragrance in the candles, they weren’t created for that intention, so they may not be as fragrant as you would expect in candles created for that purpose.

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