Virgo New Moon

This New Moon is at 25 degrees  and 1 minute of Virgo and occurs at 6 AM Central Time on September 17, 2020. The root energy in the date of this Moon is 21/3–Create Structure.

This Virgo New Moon squares the nodes and trines Saturn. This is ideal for restructuring or making changes in the Virgo area of your chart. Squaring the nodes, we have an opportunity to revise and improve. Maybe we’ve received new information that changes our beliefs. Now is an ideal time to pivot and re-build. What new structure can we build based on this new perspective?

Virgo is Mutable Earth energy– energy that is flexible. In Virgo, revise your plans, build something better.  New Moons are ideal for planting seeds. What is possible?

If you want to work consciously with this energy, this is the beginning of a new cycle, so now would be an ideal time to take part in this process. I like to keep a journal and track this cycle which takes about 27 months to complete.

Here are some practical tips to help work with this New Moon:

  1. Within 8 hours of the Virgo New Moon on September 17, 2020 (again, the time is 6 AM if you’re in the Central Time Zone) jot down your New Moon Wishes in your journal. I like to keep a separate “Moon Journal” for the entire 27 month process.
  2. I usually write at least three wishes or intentions but no more than 10 which tends to dilute the energy. It’s also important to hand write your wishes.
  3. Find the area of your chart where Virgo rules and tailor your thoughts around the themes of this house as well as the archetype of Virgo. This allows you to work with this energy and makes it personal to you.

To help give some ideas about this archetype, Virgo rules Physical Health, Diet, Work, Organization, Daily Routine/Ritual, Discernment, and Service to name a few. 

Let your intentions revolve around bringing order into this area of your life. Think about what steps you can take to help this area run more efficiently. If this is in the area relating to your physical health it might be an ideal time to set intentions around diet and exercise. If you know where Virgo sits in your natal chart, think about the topics of this House as well as where your Mercury resides. These themes can all tie in with the Virgo archetype when thinking about what you want to achieve in this area over the next 27 months.

This is not a time of action but a time for planting.  Think about what you want to create until we can better see what comes to light with the next Quarter Moon in Virgo on June 18, 2021 at 27 degrees.

In closing, the degree of this New Moon coincides with the Sabian Symbol, “A Boy With A Censer Serves Near The Priest At The Altar.” This speaks to the importance and value in what you might think is small and unnoticed. The smallest act of kindness affects the whole. It’s the idea that everything we do continues beyond our initial action. It spreads beyond what we can immediately see. Small steps over time produce big results. Reflect on some small step you can take to improve this area of your life.

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