The Gemini Venus Star Point in 2020: Activating Activism?


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History Repeats Itself…

Looking at the Venus Star Point (VSP) in our charts not only shows our innate talents and gifts that we express in the world, but we can also examine  historical cycles and track what themes might come up when one of these star points is activated.

The current Venus Star Point activated on June 3, 2020 in the sign of Gemini. Within days of this Star Point’s activation and the death of George Floyd on May 25, 2020, the first protests began of what has quickly become a global movement, reflecting the massive social movements that are typical with the Gemini Venus Star Point.

The 1960s was also a time of protest and unrest as noted in Bob Dylan’s song, “The Times They Are A Changin,” released in 1964–the same year the Gemini VSP activated.  Race riots, the women’s movement and war protests marked this period-much like what is happening today.

According to Arielle Guttman, author of Venus Star Rising: A New Cosmology for the 21st Century, the Gemini VSP period from 1964 to 1983 was also a period when information underwent a major transformation in a way that factored in to quick change within our society.

Gemini is a mutable air sign denoting change and associated with communication and ideas. Thus, the Gemini VSP (the sign of the twins) can bring up opposing viewpoints. As a sign associated with the media, it’s not unusual that this time might also be marked with opposing opinions. Old dogmas are changing as people gather information, begin to question what they’ve been told and start to form their own ideas about what is true.

This current VSP is also active as a Morning Star. Venus Star points show characteristics of either a Morning Star or Evening Star; Warrior Goddess or Love Goddess. The Gemini Star Point energy happening right now is warrior energy.

So, over the next 9 month period, what is giving birth? Between June 3, 2020 and March 25, 2021, we can expect to see this Warrior Goddess express through protests and riots; anger and rage as activists for causes and fighting for beliefs. We might see more emphasis on politics, the law and justice as Morning Star Venus is interested in keeping and making of the law.






Venus Starpoint Certification

Venus Star Point Arielle

I’ve recently completed certification requirements with Arielle Guttman as a Venus Star Point practitioner and excited to offer this method in chart interpretation.

The Venus Star Point is based on a pattern that Venus makes as she orbits the sky in relation to the Earth and the Sun. Venus is the only planet to produce a five pointed star or pentagram shape. The Ancients followed Venus’ path as she traveled through the sky as a morning star and evening star.

We each have a particular Venus Star Point that is personal to us depending on when we were born. Further, we display characteristics of either the Morning Star Venus or Evening Star Venus.

Knowing all these particulars gives us information on what our special gifts are that we offer to the world. What supports us and how do we support others? Are we inclined toward the Warrior type Morning Star Venus qualities or do we identify  with the Love Goddess Evening Star Venus?

We can also study groups in terms of their VSP and look at the those dynamics. What does the group need to be successful? What talents exist within the group? What is missing?

In studying the Venus Star Points throughout history, we can get a feel for what we can expect when a certain VSP is activated. For instance, the current Gemini VSP that was recently activated June 3, 2020, shows us that from a historical perspective, we can expect protests as groups voice their opinions. Information is emphasized. We might also expect to see changes in the way we learn or communicate. The element of Air is highlighted, so anything to do with air travel, the airwaves or airway might also be affected during this period.

“Venus Star Point is ground AND star breaking astrology for the new millennium. Venus Star Point connects us to the heart and soul of our chart, encouraging us to stand in the center of our being so we can radiate love, connection and transformation out into the world. Arielle Guttman’s innovative and profound theory and practical applications will be taught to astrologers for centuries to come.” ~ Anne Ortelee, Astrologer, Teacher, Blog and Internet Radio/TV/ Host

If you’re interested in learning what your Venus Star Point is, check out the Venus Star Point Reading under the Services Tab.