Mondays are Moon Days~Save Some of That Fire For Tomorrow.

You know how Mondays can be-busy, emotional, chaotic with one thing after another coming at you. Mondays are ruled by the Moon, a planet that is ever changing—waxing and waning. Mondays can feel unsettling and unproductive so it’s best just to go with the flow rather than swim against the current. 

Here in America, we tend to swim against the current. Ideally, this Moon energy would be about slowing down, receiving, reflecting but we tend to make every day a Sun day by forging ahead and trying to initiate, control, extract and produce. 

Maybe that’s why Mondays can feel so frazzled. We’re pushing ahead answering emails and putting out fires when we should be easing into the week. Those things might be better left for Tuesday when Mars rules. 

What would your work week look like if your Mondays were more relaxed and you waited until Tuesday to dig in with projects and management meetings? Mondays could be a day to reflect and refine ideas and goals you want to accomplish the rest of the week.

This might not be so practical in some work environments but try starting your Mondays a little gentler and save some of that fire for tomorrow. Think of ways to make your Mondays more nurturing. Bring some of that into the work place. Ease into the week by bringing in something home baked on Mondays or taking time to ask people about their families and how they spent their weekend.