Scorpio Full Moon April 26, 2021

Scorpio Full Moon April 26, 2021 ~ The Star Energy

If you’ve been feeling overly emotional or sensitive the past couple of days it might be due to the Waxing Moon that peaks on Monday April 26th. This Full Moon culminates at 7 degrees 6 minutes of Scorpio at 10:32 PM Central Time.

Mars in Cancer, the ruler of this Moon, is like a red hot poker submerged in a glass of ice cold water–cooled off and slowed down; forced to reflect instead of act. The Sabian Symbol for this Moon is, “ The Moon Shining Across A Lake.” Stillness is the message and when we know stillness, we find peace.   The symbolism reflects the energy of  Mars in a water sign.  The hot and dry energy of Mars that wants to take action is submerged and tempered by water that cools and reflects. This Moon reminds us to slow down and surrender to stillness–to observe and sit with your feelings.  Accept what is and don’t try to force things. 

The Sabian symbolism of the Sun is, ”A Sleigh Without Snow.” What now? What can we make of the situation we find ourselves in? Rising up and meeting whatever comes our way with a positive attitude and a change in perspective allows us to pivot and make the best of any circumstance we find ourselves in. Otherwise, we feel hopeless and defeated. 

Saturn is loosely squaring the Sun and Moon reminding us of limitations and things we have no control over.

Together, this Full Moon asks us to stop and reflect upon our situation. What can we change to make it better? What is it in this situation that we have no control over? Where do we need to let go and surrender? 

While those with planets within 4-10 degrees of the fixed signs, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, might especially feel this energy, an additional message for the collective is:

“Night” from the Roots and Wings Oracle Deck by Kat Ryalls

 Although a situation feels dire and we’ve lost our faith, the key is to look towards the light–towards the dawn where the sun rises each morning. Full Moons remind us that  we’re never really in the dark– the Moon is reflecting the light of the Sun. Although we can’t see the Sun,  we know from the reflected light that the Sun still shines. It’s always darkest before dawn. The key is to look towards the light.

“Circumspection” from the New Era Elements Tarot by Eleonore F Pieper, PhD

 Circumspection symbolizes that no matter what circumstances we find ourselves in, we can establish harmony through insight and conscious effort. Full Moons bring insight and the culmination of things so let things run their natural course and work with opportunities that present themselves rather than fighting change.

“Rose Quartz” from “Daily Crystal by Heather Askinosie

Rose quartz ties in the energy of the Sun in Taurus and reminds us to meet ourselves where we are today. To practice self-care and love ourselves unconditionally.

The date of this Full Moon also brings in the energy of the Star Card. Faith is restored. All is not lost. We trust that we have what we need or will find a way to obtain the resources we need through the Aquarian archetype inherent in the Star card such as out of the box thinking, innovation and invention. Making the most of our situation and working with instead of against is the way.

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Aries Full Moon 2020

Farmer’s Almanac Image

The first day of October brings in the Harvest Full Moon in Aries. Yes, Full Moons tend to be emotional and this Full Moon will be no exception with its ruler Mars Rx still in a square aspect with Saturn.

It won’t be unusual to see in others or feel within yourself a heightened level of frustration. Mars Square Saturn can feel like having one foot on the brake pedal with the other pushing down on the gas. You want to move ahead, but feel blocked or stuck.

Why is this Moon referred to as the Harvest Moon? During this time of year, the Moon is close to the equator and closer to Earth. The light reflected is brighter. As people were harvesting their crops, this bright Moon provided a little more light which enabled them more time to work into the evening to get their crops in.

This additional light and the increased energy in Mars might allow us more vitality and energy to complete projects. Look to the area that Aries occupies in your own chart for some themes that might help expend this energy.

On the other hand, the Full Moon might also shed some light where we’ve been spinning our wheels. Is there something you’ve been pushing to make happen that’s going nowhere? You may have a realization that it’s time to release this and focus your energy elsewhere or in a new way.

If you’re feeling others are pushing your buttons, Saturn reminds us to set some boundaries. Don’t feel you have to do anything you’re not ready or on board with doing. It’s ok to take your time and think through before taking action.

The Sabian Symbol for this Moon is “A Teacher Gives New Symbolic Forms To Traditional Images.” This is ideal for reinventing something. Spin it your way. Just because it’s been done before, it hasn’t been done your way. This brings in the pioneering energy of Aries. Strike out and make your own mark.

The Sabian Symbol for the Sun which directly opposes the Moon during a Full Moon is, “A Canoe Approaching Safety Through Dangerous Waters.” This feels calming and reminds me of the 6 of Swords in the Tarot. There is a sense of coming out of something difficult and releasing the past. It’s time to rest and release as we begin to do with a Full Moon and move towards the waning cycle.

So while, the ruler of this Full Moon is in a tense aspect with Saturn, it may be a nudge to not give up. We might just need to adjust our approach. Although you’ve felt some frustration, slow down and look at ways you can put your personal mark on what you’re putting your efforts in. How can you still achieve your goal but with a different approach?