What Can Astrology Really Say About Relationships?

I see posts all the time on social media advertising astrology apps that claim to know which signs are the most compatible. Some think that certain astrological aspects determine the best match for eternal bliss while others point to doom and gloom. Aquarius and Cancer equal marriage? Really? What about the Pisces and Leo coupleContinue reading “What Can Astrology Really Say About Relationships?”

Introducing Your Ancestors: Piecing Together The Past With Astrology

We can imagine quite a lot about a person’s life through census documents and other bits of information found through genealogy sites and from family history. But what was Aunt Ruth really like? How did she think? What motivated her? What was her personality? When there’s no one left living who knew your ancestors, howContinue reading “Introducing Your Ancestors: Piecing Together The Past With Astrology”

The Spring Equinox–A perfect time to set goals.

 Let’s take a moment to talk about vision boards, goal setting and what that has to do with astrology.  If you created a vision board at the beginning of the year or set goals and intentions of things you wanted to achieve in 2021, how is that going for you?  Congratulations if you’re still doing theContinue reading “The Spring Equinox–A perfect time to set goals.”

Making The Most Of Your Saturn Return in 2021: The First Leg of The Journey

So, we’re about a month in since Saturn moved into Aquarius. How’s it going so far? It’s still early as Saturn will camp out in this part of your chart until early March, 2023, but I wanted to point out the added boost from Jupiter we all have during 2021, regardless to whether or notContinue reading “Making The Most Of Your Saturn Return in 2021: The First Leg of The Journey”

Eddie Van Halen ~ New Moon Aquarian Vibes.

January 26, 1955 – October 6, 2020. Images courtesy of Larry Marano, (top left) Owen Sweeney, (top right) and Ebet Roberts (bottom). Music can bring you right back to certain periods of your life and for me, Van Halen takes me back to High School. When I heard of Eddie Van Halen’s passing yesterday, asContinue reading “Eddie Van Halen ~ New Moon Aquarian Vibes.”