Studying planetary archetypes, their influence on the Earth and how it connects within the natal chart is my focus as a consulting astrologer offering practical advice in navigating relationships, vocational guidance, identifying temperament, emotional needs and more.

Upon earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Government and working in the public sector for the past 35 years in various roles such as  Reporter, Treasurer, Photographer, and City Clerk, my interests eventually turned toward Spirituality.  My studies began with an interest in developing my intuition and progressed to studying metaphysical subjects.  True to my Sagittarian and Gemini nature, I’m forever the student and have spent the last five years studying with various teachers and mentors, earning  certifications in Astrology, Tarot Counseling and Numerology.

I love studying patterns, symbols, synchronicity and how Spiritual Beliefs, Astrology, Tarot and Numerology are intertwined and work together in our lives.

Member of:

The Organization For Professional Astrology

The Astrological Society of Kentucky

Lake County Astrological Association