What Can Astrology Really Say About Relationships?

I see posts all the time on social media advertising astrology apps that claim to know which signs are the most compatible. Some think that certain astrological aspects determine the best match for eternal bliss while others point to doom and gloom.

Aquarius and Cancer equal marriage? Really? What about the Pisces and Leo couple that have been married for 30 years? How did that happen if we believe that combo is destined for breakup?

“How to spot a bad relationship early on.” That one really gets me. Folks , it’s not that simple. Relationships are complex and so is Astrology. We aren’t just our Sun sign. Astrology that tries to label and put people into categories is the kind of Astrology we all should be questioning.

There are so many factors to consider when we think about what makes a good relationship. We aren’t throwing the baby out with the bath water, so when you see these apps or advertisements saying that certain zodiac signs aren’t compatible, that’s not the kind of Astrology I’m talking about when it comes to Relationship Readings.

Relationships aren’t just about compatibility. Couples that have stayed together over many years will tell you it wasn’t always easy. Successful relationships require the ability to communicate and meet each other’s needs. A good Astrologer will be able to point out aspects in your chart that flow harmoniously and also identify areas where you may have to work a little harder and make compromises. Challenging areas don’t always equal breakups. They can be opportunities to grow.

Neither person gets what they want 100% of the time. Relationships are about compromise and meeting in the middle. If you’re looking for ways to improve a relationship, let’s get together and look at the whole picture of what your astrology has to say about you as individuals and together as a couple.

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