Introducing Your Ancestors: Piecing Together The Past With Astrology

We can imagine quite a lot about a person’s life through census documents and other bits of information found through genealogy sites and from family history. But what was Aunt Ruth really like? How did she think? What motivated her? What was her personality?

When there’s no one left living who knew your ancestors, how can you really get to know anything about who they were and how they thought?

Astrology has given me quite a bit of insight as to my ancestors’ personalities even when I didn’t have a birth time. In fact, I purposely studied relatives I didn’t know having only a birth date and place of birth. While we can’t gather as much information as we could with a birth time, you can learn quite a bit about their personality through Astrology.

My Maternal Grandmother (far right on the back row), Siblings and Great Grandparents

My mother died when I was 12 and although I had been around her mother, my Grandmother a few times, I didn’t know her well and didn’t know her siblings or my Great Grandparents at all. I’m familiar with the rich insight Astrology provides in learning about tendencies and personality traits so I wondered what I could learn about my family even without a birth time.

I contacted one of my Mother’s cousins who knew all these people. She gave me birthdates and places of birth and agreed to meet with me to confirm or deny my findings.

I learned that many of these women were 1st Quarter Moons with a Choleric Temperament. They were feisty, independent and creative. My mother was a 1st Quarter Moon, also creative and independent with a Choleric Temperament. I could see which relatives she mirrored and where her and her mother differed. I could identify challenges in their personalities as well as similarities.

I had a good laugh when I realized my Grandmother was born under a New Moon and had moved over 50 times during her life! New Moons love new beginnings and this manifested as literal moves for her. New Moons often have an innate sense of direction–able to sense where to go and I do remember that about her. She seemed to always know how to navigate and would use terms as turn West–not left or right.

I could also see all the Virgo energy in her chart and felt she had a strong sense of doing things perfectly. I described her as analytical, paying attention to details, abilities for research and order.

The real tests of Astrology’s strengths came in studying the charts of the relatives I didn’t know at all. I trusted the Astrology and it didn’t let me down as confirmed by my mother’s cousin.

What I really love is getting a sense of their personalities and seeing how my mother’s and even my own personality mirrored some of our ancestor’s traits. I also found it interesting to look at our differences and how it might have been helpful if my relatives could have had this information as a means to understand each other and integrate their differences.

I’ll never forget my Mother, out of nowhere, looking me in the eye when I was in grade school and telling me how important it was to treat everyone the same no matter their background. At the time, I remember thinking, “Why are you telling me this? I already know this.” I smiled years later when I discovered that we both have the same Moons! Our Moons are in Libra–thus our inherent sense of equality and fairness for all and her need to tell me this.

That’s just some of the treasures you’ll find when you start looking at your relative’s personality through Astrology. You begin to notice patterns, start connecting the dots and discover little surprises and insights from the Universe.

One of Astrology’s greatest gifts is validation of who we are and gaining understanding of other people’s personalities. When I study the charts of my relatives I feel compassion for things they might have gone through and have a deeper understanding of the choices they made. Astrology confirms that we’re all doing the best we can with what we know.

3 thoughts on “Introducing Your Ancestors: Piecing Together The Past With Astrology

    1. Thank you. I think so too. I feel more connected learning about my Ancestors through their Astrology.


  1. I became interested in a great-grandfather of mine when a cup he won for the high jump was returned to our family. Discovered he died on the island of Madeira in his thirties, after a long illness, which was news to his only grand-daughter, my mother (that he died in Madeira). Was able to visit his grave late 2021, perhaps I should compare his chart with mine as well.


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