Making The Most Of Your Saturn Return in 2021: The First Leg of The Journey

So, we’re about a month in since Saturn moved into Aquarius. How’s it going so far? It’s still early as Saturn will camp out in this part of your chart until early March, 2023, but I wanted to point out the added boost from Jupiter we all have during 2021, regardless to whether or not you’re experiencing a Saturn Return this year, but especially to those who are.

As a refresher, you’re experiencing your 1st Saturn Return if you were born between February 7, 1991 and January 29, 1994. If you were born between January 4, 1962 and December 16, 1964, you’re entering your 2nd Saturn Return. To read more about what this period of life means, you may want to read this article about Saturn Returns before continuing.

2021 is unique in that Jupiter also tags along with Saturn for the first year of this journey. This is great! Jupiter is one of the benefic planets and brings opportunity. Jupiter kind of helps ease us into this cycle and tempers the transition. So while some lessons can be tough like growing pains, Jupiter comes along and helps mitigate the situation.

Take advantage of this year while Jupiter is in Aquarius and get a jump start on this area of your chart. Let’s go through each house and see how Jupiter might help. Before we get started, a little bit about these planets and their background.

Saturn has been called the Great Teacher and can be like the school principal at times. He likes to keep us in line and make sure we’re following the rules. Sometimes it can feel oppressive or even depressive, but it’s ultimately for our benefit and that’s how we get to be so good at something. Saturn shows us our limits but he also shows us that we’re capable of much more than we think.

Saturn has often been depicted as the party pooper, that guy who says, “no you can’t do that,” or the consequences we receive for breaking the law. Discipline and commitment are words that often describe Saturn. The great thing about Saturn though is the payoff. There’s always a payoff with Saturn if you do the work, stay committed and go the distance.

Jupiter might seem like the polar opposite. Jupiter has been compared to the Great Santa Claus in the sky! Abundance, expansion, wisdom and joy have all been words to describe this great benefic. Where Saturn is “less is more,” Jupiter is “more is more.” Generosity and benevolence have always been associated with this planet, so the house it occupies in your chart is a place where you can experience the blessings of this archetype.

Now, what about that Great Conjunction we just had between these two planets on the Solstice in December, 2020? What a way to kickoff your Saturn Return! You may have heard this formation of Saturn and Jupiter coming together compared to the Star of Bethlehem. This is a big deal as these planets rarely meet up together, let alone so close as they did at 0 degrees Aquarius. Even rarer, is the fact that this year, they met up in an Air sign. This is a huge changing of the guard. Jupiter and Saturn together at a critical degree of 0 in a new element is the start of something big and while we won’t be around to see how it unfolds at the end of this 200 year cycle, we’re witnessing the beginning of something new and we play a part in shaping it. What might that mean for us personally during our Saturn Return and how can we make the most of it?

This Saturn Return may be a little more potent in that there’s a real possibility of creating something new with long lasting benefits. Think about how this might unfold in your own life and the Aquarius part of your chart. Jupiter isn’t always present with Saturn during these returns and if you happen to have a Day Chart, this added goodness may be even more noticeable.


1st House

If these planets are traveling through your first house, Saturn might affect your health. Maybe you experience a health issue that sets you back temporarily or limits you in some way. Jupiter comes along and brings in a helping hand. Maybe you get over this health issue fairly quick or find treatment that allows you to recover quicker. It could be that this is the year you decide to change your appearance or take your health more serious. Jupiter can help makle that happen.

2nd House

Saturn and Jupiter traveling through this part of your chart may require you to make some changes with how you spend money or with your income. If Saturn limits, Jupiter might bring in other ways to supplement your income or bring long term benefits regarding finances. You may have to cut back, but the reward will be worth it in the long run.

3rd House

Saturn in this area of the chart might limit or restrict travel, bring issues with siblings or extended family but look for a positive outcome. If you haven’t seen eye to eye or felt cut off from a family member, this might be the year where you patch things up. Communications that may have been difficult have the potential of being less challenging. Jupiter brings wisdom, so maybe both parties see things differently now.

4th House

This area of the chart could bring changes in your home or family. It might not be an ideal time to move, but maybe you finally find that dream home at a great price that you just can’t pass up. Home renovations are never fun. We’re temporarily challenged to live off site or in another area of the house while they are going on, but oh was it worth it! Difficulties or challenges with family members might wind up bringing blessings in disguise. Maybe a child needs to move back in or you bring an elderly parent to live with you. While adjustments need to be made within the home, blessings also come with any hardships.

5th House

Having children can be a lot of work but you can’t put a price on the blessings they bring. It could be that children might experience some challenges this year or feel tested in some way but come out on the other side better and wiser than before. This is also the area of pleasure and creativity. What limits access to fun or blocks creativity might bring joy or creative inspiration where we hadn’t found it before.

6th House

Health or work challenges have a silver lining. Maybe you come across an alternative modality that helps manage a health issue or find a new treatment. What feels heavy or oppressive in a work environment may finally yield to a payoff such as a promotion or new office with a better view. This area also has to do with pets. A pet could have health issues requiring additional care, but also blessings that bring restored health. The challenges you face with the added responsibility of having a pet pays off in the joy and companionship you receive.


Challenges within a relationship bring you closer together and make the relationship stronger. Maybe you partner with someone this year that ends up benefiting your business. You might even find a mentor or counselor that offers a lot of wisdom or knowledge regarding your business or current relationship.


This area of the chart refers to mortality and other people’s money such as joint finances, debt, taxes and inheritances. It could be that you receive an inheritance or find the means to reduce debt or pay off debt. You might take on debt that ultimately brings a payoff in the long run such as expanding your business or going back to school.


This might be the start of a spiritual journey that requires long term commitment but pays off in bringing inner peace and serenity. You may explore other belief systems that are foreign to the belief system you grew up with. This area is also higher education, so going back to school may enhance or expand your career options.


This could bring a promotion but also added responsibility and challenges. Your life direction may change in a way that brings much more fulfillment but less money.


Your friendships or groups you identify with might start feeling oppressive or not ring true for you anymore. Maybe you decide to explore new groups of people that are more aligned with your beliefs and discover new life long friends. Long term benefits may come through groups or friends.


This part of the chart has often been associated with isolation, suffering or spending time alone and reflecting. If faced with feeling cut off or isolated this year, use this time to expand your knowledge, learn something new or help others. This could be a good time to focus on your mental and physical health and get to the tap root of negative behavior or thought processes that have been holding you back.

These are just a few ideas for the area of your chart that Saturn and Jupiter are occupying in 2021 and are by no means all inclusive. The point is to make the most of this year, especially if you’re experiencing your Saturn Return. There’s a lot of emphasis on rebooting this part of your life. The Great Conjunction speaks to moving into something completely new and Saturn with Jupiter is a great opportunity to bring a new vision into reality–manifest a dream and make long lasting change.

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