New Moon in Capricorn, January 12, 2021

This New Moon is at 23 degrees and 13 minutes of Capricorn and occurs at 11 PM Central Time January 12, 2021. The root energy in the date of this Moon is 9–Completion. With endings come beginnings. This New Moon feels linked to building new structures, foundations, stability and security. This is Earth energy.

 What stands out to me with this Moon is the fact that it’s occurring so close to Pluto within minutes of 24 degrees—that same degree where Pluto and Saturn tangled in January of 2020. Saturn and Pluto are associated with power struggles, redrawing boundaries. Historically, it has been associated with war.

A New Moon near Pluto may speak to the transfer of power. Capricorn is often associated with Government and Big Corporations. With Pluto and the Sun involved, it’s likely this new structure will involve battles of powerful egos and volatile emotions.

I think the ruler of this Moon in Aquarius is promising in that it speaks to building something with the perspective of what is best for humanity—society, the common man. I’m just wondering what it means that the overseer is away, in aversion to the area it manages, when this new beginning comes into contact with Pluto. Who’s minding the store?

It’s also noteworthy that this New Moon is close to Pluto in the United States Chart which speaks to a Pluto Return and the rebirth of America. Pluto is necessary in bringing to surface all the ugliness we sometimes would rather keep hidden but need to happen in order to clear out the toxins. It’s hard to move forward until the really dirty stuff is dealt with and cleared away.

As a country, we’re in the midst of a rebirth that will no doubt involve facing some harsh realities—clearing and cleaning up some ugly parts that have poisoned the system for a long time. It’s likely that things will continue to intensify with this transition, especially since Saturn also squares Mars. That can feel frustrating with moving forward as if one foot is on the gas and the other on the brake.

If you want to work consciously with this energy, this is the beginning of a new cycle, so now would be an ideal time to take part in this process. I like to keep a journal and track this cycle which takes about 27 months to complete.

Here are some practical tips to help work with this New Moon:

  1. Within 8 hours of the Capricorn New Moon on January 12, 2021 (again, the time is 11:00 PM if you’re in the Central Time Zone) jot down your New Moon Wishes in your journal. I like to keep a separate “Moon Journal” for the entire 27 month process.
  2. I usually write at least three wishes or intentions but no more than 10 which tends to dilute the energy. It’s also important to hand write your wishes.
  3. Find the area of your chart where Capricorn rules and tailor your thoughts around the themes of this house as well as the archetype of Capricorn. This allows you to work with this energy and makes it personal to you.

To help give some ideas about this archetype, Capricorn rules future security, responsibility, reaching goals, success, management skills, discipline and commitment to name a few. 

This is not a time of action but a time for planting.  Think about what you want to create until we can better see what comes to light with the next Quarter Moon in Capricorn October 13, 2021 at 20 degrees.

Something else to consider is the Sabian Symbol of this New Moon. At 23 degrees Capricorn, the symbolism is, “A Woman Entering A Convent.” I picture a spiritual retreat or satisfaction in something beyond the material world. Humility comes to mind as we cross a threshold into what we hope brings more peace. It’s hopeful yet uncertain. Where does this lead? With this Moon’s ruler in Aquarius, we can expect it to include a vision that seeks what’s best for humanity based on freedom and truth.

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