1st Quarter Moon and Covid-19

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Approximately 9 months ago, the reality of Coronavirus 19 hit home for most of us here in the United States. Headlines at that time focused on developing a vaccine. Chloroquine and Remdesivir were mentioned as possible treatments.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration began allowing more testing of drugs they felt might be effective against the virus as the world eagerly awaited the testing to begin.

Astrologically, March 24, 2020 marked a New Moon in Aries at 4 degrees 12 minutes. New Moons are interesting to watch as you often see a story piece together every 9 months that follow each phase until a complete moon cycle has finished.

New Moons are like the beginning of something. A seed is planted. We don’t really know which direction it’s going until some time has passed. As the Moon takes on more light, we can better see how things are looking. So, with this New Moon back in March of 2020, there was focus on developing a vaccine and we really didn’t know how, when or if it might happen.

Nine months later on December 21, 2020 we have the 1st Quarter Moon in Aries and the general public is beginning to receive the vaccine for the first time. 1st Quarter Moons are about taking action and moving forward with something. Nine months ago we were just discussing a vaccine. Today, we’re distributing it.

In 9 more months with the Full Moon on September 20, 2021 we should know even more. Full Moons bring clarity. More about the vaccine or the virus in general will be revealed.

Full Moons also mark the culmination of things so hopefully by that time, we’ll start to see a significant reduction of cases or know more about this virus and the success of the vaccine in preventing new cases. All cards are on the table in the Full Moon phase. It should become even clearer which direction this is going at that time.

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