Take The High Road…Venus and Mercury Rx Move Into Libra Today.

We have a little gift today in that Venus moves out of a sign that makes it hard for her to do Venusian things and into Libra, a sign where she feels right at home and can deliver the goods. Venus wants to connect, socialize and bring sweet little indulgences. Libra wants everyone to be happy. Just a few minutes later, Mercury Rx joins her and this makes for easier conversations. There is more need for harmony and cooperation, so hopefully this softens some tense situations where we’ve felt like it’s me against you. With these two planets moving into Libra, we should see more discussion about equality and doing the right thing—hopefully focused on working together.

If you think about my reading this morning about avoiding conflict and taking the high road, these two planets moving into Libra play right into that, focusing more on getting along rather than separation and highlighting our differences. In any case, this shift in energy occurs around 8:41 PM CST today. By then, both planets will have moved into Libra. If you need to have a difficult conversation with someone, it might be advisable to wait until after these planets have changed signs. This could help soften words and bring in more understanding and consideration to the table.

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