Mercury Rx In Scorpio ~ October 13 to November 3

The planet Mercury moves retrograde today or appears to move backwards in the sky. When this happens, you may notice some disturbances related to mercurial things such as communication, travel and data.

For instance, communications might be delayed or misunderstood. It’s always a good time to backup data but seems to be even more important during Mercury Retrograde periods. Review emails before sending and follow up to make sure they were received. Take extra time for travel. It’s not uncommon to experience delays and detours when traveling. I’ve heard several instances about GPS devices not working correctly and computers and phones acting up during Mercury Rx periods.

Mercury Rx periods, no matter what sign they fall in, are good for revisiting and reviewing. Scorpio is an archetype associated with psychology, resources, power, trust, money, sex, taboo topics, and investigations and research. It could be that during this time, matters regarding these topics resurface and come up for review.

It’s also interesting that the Sabian Symbol for this retrograde period is “An Official Embassy Ball.” Astrologer Lynda Hill translates this to mean a time of pleasant, almost party like atmosphere, but caged in very strict protocol and rules of behavior.” This can be likened to political game playing which is interesting in that in the United States, this is an election year and politics are very much on the minds of most people here not only on a national level but also at the local level. With this being a retrograde period right up until Election Day when Mercury moves direct, we may see things related to the Scorpio topics mentioned earlier coming to surface.

One also wonders if this Mercury Rx period will translate into a delay in election results similar to what the United States witnessed in 2000 with Al Gore and George Bush. Mercury stationed direct on that day too.

This is a bit of a tricky Mercury Retrograde as Scorpio’s traditional ruling planet Mars is also retrograde in the sign of Aries. Be mindful of blurting out harsh words in moments of anger. The archetype Aries can be a little impulsive and the sting of Scorpio can be harsh so, it might also be a good time to rethink, revise and choose your words carefully before speaking your truth.

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