Team Black Moon Lilith & Mars Doing Battle in Aries 2020.

We’ve heard a lot about Mars in Aries this year, especially lately as transiting Mars is about to station retrograde in a few days on March 9, 2020. We’re expecting some tension with this Mars. This planet has already made one square to transiting Saturn in Capricorn on August 24, 2020. Both planets in rulership are strong. We’re bound to feel a lot of frustration as Mars in Aries is quick and wants to take action now, whereas, Saturn in Capricorn is so slow and likes to restrict. Mars says yes but Saturn says no. Saturn, being the slower malefic, has the upper hand. September 29th, Mars and Saturn go for round two as they make a second square at 25 degrees.

However, what I haven’t heard much talk about is Black Moon Lilith. Lilith teamed up with Mars during this first square and while Lilith is separating from Mars at this moment, I wanted to share a personal story of what these energies can produce when working together.

As the myth goes, Lilith was the first wife of Adam. Lilith was pretty independent and wasn’t willing to submit to anyone. Lilith stood up to Adam. That didn’t go so well for Lilith who was sent packing.

Transits to or from Black Moon Lilith in your chart can show where you might stand up or speak up for something or someone. If you’ve been holding back, it can come out with Lilith. You’re apt to be much more outspoken for the sake of trying to to let something be known that hasn’t been seen and get people to change something for the better. There is a real push for honesty. Lilith rules the underdog. Adding Mars into the mix is like adding in some rocket fuel and with both Lilith and Mars in the sign of Aries, it might feel like getting ready to do battle.

On a personal note, I have my own Black Moon Lilith/Mars story for 2020. A few days ago, I randomly decide to ride my bike out a route I don’t often ride. As I pass by our City Park, I quickly decide to check it out. I hadn’t been by there in awhile. I noticed the grass was overgrown but what really stood out to me was the Veteran’s Memorial. It has been neglected to say the least. I felt embarrassed and ashamed of what I saw. It screamed total disrespect.

I wanted people to see this and know what was going on. I wanted to change it. I took pictures but didn’t do anything about it right away. I wanted to give myself a little time to think it over. Was this a battle I wanted to take up?

A couple of days later, I decided to go ahead and post the photos of what I saw on Facebook. Imagine my surprise when late that night, I took a look at my own natal chart with the current transits and discovered that transiting Black Moon Lilith was conjunct transiting Mars in Aries, and making trine aspects to my natal Mars and Sun all in Fire signs!

Mars, the God of War is associated with soldiers. Lilith is associated with fighting for the underdog. On top of that, both are in Aries, a cardinal sign that initiates and takes action. It’s almost like the celestial energies dared me to do something about this. And if that’s still not enough, they both connected to my natal Mars in my house of communications and Sun in the area of others. The desire to speak up and be an advocate for others took on a life of its own. No wonder I felt like I had to take action and be a voice for these Veterans. Aries is also my 11th House–an area to do with groups and alliances.

These transits can sometimes play out literally in our charts. Since Mars has already separated within three degrees of squaring retrograde Saturn and Mars and Lilith make a favorable aspect to my natal Mars and Sun, I’m hopeful that Lilith will be heard and something positive will come out of this for the Veterans.

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