Leo New Moon ~ Lead With Your Heart


This New Moon is at 26 degrees  and 35 minutes of Leo and occurs at 9:41 PM  Central Time on August 18, 2020. The root energy in the date of this Moon is 3–CREATE.

The Sun is strong in Leo and this New Moon gains even more power with help from Mars, also strong in the sign of Aries.

Leo is Fixed energy– energy that doesn’t waver. It gets the job done. New Moons are ideal  for planting seeds, but this New Moon is especially powerful.

If you want to work consciously with this energy, this is the beginning of a new cycle, so now would be an ideal time to take part in this process. I like to keep a journal and track this cycle which takes about 27 months to complete.

Here are some practical tips to help work with this New Moon:

  1. Within 8 hours of the Leo New Moon on August 18, 2020 (again, the time is 9:41 PM if you’re in the Central Time Zone) jot down your New Moon Wishes in your journal. I like to keep a separate “Moon Journal” for the entire 27 month process.
  2. I usually write at least three wishes or intentions but no more than 10 which tends to dilute the energy. It’s also important to hand write your wishes.
  3. Find the area of your chart where Leo rules and tailor your thoughts around the themes of this house as well as the archetype of Leo. This allows you to work with this energy and makes it personal to you.

To help give some ideas about this archetype, Leo rules Love and Romance, Creativity, Generosity, Celebrations, Dignity, Leadership, Courage, and Authenticity to name a few. Leo leads from the heart.

Let your intentions revolve around finding the courage to speak your mind, to be who you are, finding ways to bring more fun into your life or encouraging children to express their creative talents. If you know where Leo sits in your natal chart, think about the topics of this House as well as where your Sun resides. These themes can all tie in with the Leo archetype when thinking about what you want to achieve in this area over the next 27 months.

This is not a time of action but a time for planting.  Think about what you want to create until we can better see what comes to light with the next Quarter Moon in Leo close to the 26 degree marker.

In closing, the degree of this New Moon coincides with the Sabian Symbol, “Daybreak”. Recall the Sun and how it rises each morning to provide light and warmth. In a world that feels chaotic and inconsistent, we can always count on the Sun to rise to the occasion. This is a period of transition. New ideas and opportunities are emerging. There is the promise of a new day–a new beginning.

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