Mars In Aries 2020: Warrior Energy

mars getty imageGetty Image

The planet Mars signifies our drive, what motivates us and where we focus our energy. Our natal chart can tell us a lot about what motivates us and how we exert anger according to what sign, house and aspects Mars activates.

Collectively, we are always experiencing the energies of the transiting planets as they move across the sky, so we can bet that transiting Mars spending half a year on it’s home turf will make a big impact not only in the collective, but also for us personally. Typically, this transits lasts just six weeks.

Mars doesn’t tread lightly. This planet wants action and wants it now. However, during the Rx period, when Mars appears to backtrack across the sky,  you might regret impulsive actions. Be mindful of Mars’ tendency to act quickly.

For instance, if Aries in your 1st House, you might want to take action in regards to something around your health or appearance. Be mindful of doing anything drastic such as plastic surgery or overdoing it physically. When Mars is retrograde, you might regret going under the knife or over extend yourself if trying to do too much too quickly.

If Aries is in your 2nd House of Income, you might put extra effort into making more money or try to find additional ways to earn money. On the other hand, watch for burning through that cash. Mars in the 2nd can spend money faster than you make it.

If Aries is in your 3rd House, you may have the confidence to voice your opinion but watch out for angry words, especially when Mars is retrograde or when Mars squares Mercury as it will during this transit. You could be backpedaling if you speak without thinking.

Key dates regarding this 2020 transit:

  • June 27 Mars enters Aries
  • August 16 Mars Trines the Sun and begins to slow down
  • September 9 Mars stations retrograde at 28 Aries
  • October 13 Mars opposes the Sun and is closest to the Earth
  • November 13 Mars stations direct at 15 Aries
  • December 11 Mars trines  the sun and begins to speed up
  • January 6 2021 Mars leaves Aries

Over the next six months, Mars will be coming into contact with several planets. Expect a variety of experiences to include discord, frustration, assertiveness, increased energy, strength, courage and aggression in the Aries part of your chart.

For more information on how what you can expect, check in with your Astrologer for a personal reading.

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