Navigating Covid-19.

Asking for Divine Guidance today, March 25, 2020, I asked what is the message for the World? “Dance of The Divine Feminine” is what wanted to come through. This deck is authored by Alana Fairchild and based on the poetry of Rumi.

Says Rumi, “If a tree could move from one place to another, it would not suffer the pain of the saw or the oppressive wounds.

If the Sun and Moon stood still like the rocks, they could not offer brilliance.

How bitter the taste of water would be, if the river stopped its flow remaining still like seawater.

When the seawater rises to become a cloud, it loses its bitterness and pours the rain of sweetness.

I have given you only a few examples. You can figure out the rest. Break away from the self and enter the Kingdom of Love.”

If we read through this slowly and really think about what Rumi is telling us, we see that there is a purpose to everything- even in pain, loss and suffering. The joy we feel comes in the transformation of energy. “When the seawater rises to become a cloud, it loses its bitterness and pours the rain of sweetness.”

The message of “Dance Of The Divine Feminine,” I think, is that we are currently being shifted more toward feminine, yin energy. A balancing of energy. A shift in power or re-balancing of power.

The author’s message in this card is that the whole idea that anything is settled or permanent is false. We feel unsettled right now because it feels like the ground beneath us is being broken. And it is! It never was stable. Everything at all times is in a state of change as Rumi shows us in his message.

The best way to navigate through to the other side is acceptance. It’s when we try to stay the same and resist change that we become distressed.

A further message during this time where we feel we’ve been turned upside down is to establish right priorities. What matters most to us?

As the world has slowed down, we’ve seen countless examples of people reaching out to each other despite being physically isolated. Again, what matters most?

When we focus on what truly matters, from the heart, we’ll start to find our way. Maybe some shaking up was required to get us back on track, showing us that some of the things we are attached to actually drain us and take us away from the only thing that truly matters and remains eternal, Love.

There is a final message with this card, “There is something you are holding onto—a person, place, thing or belief that you need to let go of because it wants to grow.”Whatever the outcome, it will be much easier on us if we can flow and support the growth instead of trying to resist.

Reassurance is given that while it feels like our world is coming to an end, we are being led to a deeper state of divine being and becoming.

“What the caterpillar calls the end, the master calls the butterfly.”

“Rumi Oracle” by Alana Fairchild

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