Go For It.

“Wisdom of the Oracle” & “Rider Waite Radiant Tarot”

Sometimes the message we’re given is so in our face clear.

Both these cards were “jumpers” meaning they jumped out of the deck while shuffling. Sometimes I’ll keep shuffling, but I knew “Come to The Edge” meant something significant because this card has come up several times over the past week in my readings.

I decided to pull a clarifying tarot card, but again, out flew a jumper–The Fool. You just can’t make this stuff up.

You don’t even have to be familiar with the meaning of these cards to notice that both portray subjects close to the edge of a cliff. Both subjects are about to step out into the unknown. The essential meaning of both cards is about taking a risk. Taking a chance. You may not know all the details of how it will work out, but the message is about taking the opportunity.

It’s easier to stay where we’re comfortable and secure but when you start feeling something stirring inside that calls you forward, maybe it’s worth checking out. Progress only happens when we do something different, learn something new; take a chance. Lean into the unknown.

Maybe the lesson here is to think outside the box. Be open to other possibilities. Try something different.

The alternative is getting what you always got.

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