Lion’s Gate Portal Reveals Authenticity August 8, 2019

What a blessing this week has been with the Sun in Leo trining Jupiter in Sagittarius on Wednesday and now the Lion’s Gate portal fully open on August 8th–not to mention this day of Jupiter also brings a lovely trine aspect between Venus and Jupiter.

Can it get any better? Well, yes, it sure can. We also can look forward to Jupiter stationing direct at the end of the week and that lovely Moon/Jupiter conjunction on Friday.

The ancients believed the Lion’s Gate to be an opening in space and time that allows information from the heavens to reach us here on Earth. August 8th is just the peak. The portal has actually been opening since July 26 and remains open until around August 12th.

I’ve created the following tarot spread to have a look at the energy of the Lion’s Gate Portal and what it might bring to us on a collective level in opening the portal to us here on Earth. Try it for yourself for a more personal look.

“Temptress Tarot” by Michele Grey Hartsoe

I used just the Major Arcana in pulling cards for us as a collective.

I like that the two cards speaking about our Sun energy and Sirius, the second brightest star after the Sun, are depicted by two cards containing the fiery Sun colors of Yellow, Gold and Orange.

The Fool shows us how we can come into alignment with our Sun sign energy. The Fool’s energy is the beginning of something. He’s venturing out almost instinctively, following his gut or Solar Plexus. He doesn’t know anything different. He’s just being himself. He has faith and operates on pure instinct. The energy of our Sun sign is our Fool’s Journey. We are growing into our Sun sign over our lifetime. The Fool card reminds us to be who we are and let go of conditioned ideas of who we think we should be.

We come into alignment with our core energy by working with our Solar Plexus Chakra, the area just above our navel. This chakra is associated with the Sun and primarily the color yellow and the element of fire. Orange/Yellow is depicted.

The energy of the Solar Plexus is to radiate our power in the world. We come into alignment with our essence when we follow our gut, our solar plexus, and listen to who we are at our core and grow into our Sun sign. When this energy is blocked, it blocks who we truly are. We aren’t operating authentically. We hide behind a mask.

The alignment of the Sun, Sirius and the Earth during the Lion’s Gate period brings power and energy and even illumination to help us see who we really are at our center.

The energy of Sirius helps to Strengthen us. There is a lot of energy coming through with this alignment. The added energy of Sirius can help provide us the strength to shed the masks we’ve been wearing and reveal our true authentic nature. The added illumination helps show us our true nature and to step into our power.

The next two cards move into the colors of green, blue and purple. These colors respectively relate to heart centered energy, communicating truth and opening the third eye chakra of intuition and connection with source.

The Moon shows us what fears we need to release. We are being called to release fear of change and fears we have around what we don’t understand or isn’t clear. Life is about cycles. The Moon shows us we can relax and lean into the flow of life. Release the fear of the unknown. Be receptive to receiving. The Sun has our back. Have faith of moving into the power of your Sun.

Once we clear and balance the solar plexus chakra, we can move into the upper chakras.

In the Moon card, we move from Yellow/Gold to Purple. When we release fear, we can move forward toward connection with Spirit.

The Hermit reveals the creative energy opening up to us through the Lion’s Gate portal. This card feels like the bridge between Heaven and Earth. It’s like receiving a download of information and wisdom. Again, I’m reminded that once we release fear, we are open to move into the third eye chakra to receive.

The Hermit shows that we each have this ability within. He also reminds us that in operating from within and following our own path, we reach our full potential. We are connected, we just need to be who we truly are and feed our authenticity, remove the masks and step into our power.

I think the overall message we are being asked is to think about and remember who we truly are. Our Sun sign is a clue. We are continually growing towards this archetype. When we are clear with this energy and listen to our gut or solar plexus energy, we can move forward toward raising our vibration and connecting with source in our own way, along our own path.

The cards add up to 8, the infinity symbol reiterating our connection to each other and source and also emphasizing today’s date being the 8th day of the 8th month.

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