Step Into Authenticity With The Leo New Moon on July 31, 2019

Compliments of Theresa Magdalena of Celestial Oracle @

” This Leo new moon, is our call to action. What has lied dormant in the chambers of our hearts must awaken to fulfill its purpose. ” ~ Theresa Magdalena @ Readings By T. Magdalena

I’m so looking forward to this Leo New Moon happening at 11:11 PM Eastern Time on July 31, 2019 in the United States. In numerology, 11 is a Master Number representing a portal revealing psychic insight.

Additionally, the Sabian Symbol for this Leo New Moon is “Glass blowers shape beautiful vases with their controlled breathing.” It’s literally about breathing life into your creations; manifesting your dreams.

After the intense energy of the eclipses we experienced recently, this New Moon brings a welcome change. The Cancer/Capricorn axis felt heavy and emotional during this eclipse season. Leo’s vibe is positive, optimistic, energetic and creative. It feels bold and courageous.

I always look forward to Theresa Magdalena’s tarot spreads for the new and full moons. The above spread takes a look at the energy of Leo and what it encourages and awakens in our hearts.

Give Theresa’s tarot spread a whirl. See what messages the New Moon in Leo has for you. Theresa can be contacted at

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