Ancient Wisdom In Modern Times

Astrology & Tarot Consultations


The pattern the planets make at the moment of your birth have something unique to say about your lifepath, career and your relationships. Your planetary pattern or natal chart contains clues about your personality, temperament, gifts and challenges.

Get the heads up on how to better parent, be a more compassionate partner, friend, co-worker or boss with an Astrology Reading.

Astrology not only gives us insight into our own needs but also helps to IMPROVE ALL RELATIONSHIPS. When we learn what we need as well as the needs of those we are in relationship with, we naturally have more understanding and compassion.


Tarot is an ancient art that gives amazing perspective into most any situation. Symbols and archetypes provide information to consider that can help us make choices or better understand situations. I think Tarot is especially useful as a bridge to connect with your higher mind. The answer is always within. A Tarot Reading facilitates receiving that inner guidance.

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