Can’t Read Minds? No Crystal Ball?

Your Guide For Improving Relationships, Breaking Cycles And Making Better Choices

Level Up With Ancient Wisdom In Modern Times

Level Up

Learn ways to move forward when you feel stuck in relationships, your job or finding life purpose. When you’re having problems making a decision or just need confirmation, an Astrology or Tarot Reading with me can empower you with understanding in order to take action and make choices.

Connect With Spirit

I believe it’s absolutely possible to connect with God, The Divine, your Higher Power–whomever you consider the Source of all that is and ever will be. Intuition, Astrology and Tarot are the tools I use to make this connection.

Through this connection, I’m here to help bring understanding and guidance that resonates on a deep soul level. My intent is to provide practical information that helps make sense of situations when you feel lost and perspective to help you make choices.

Break Patterns With Ancestral Healing

Working with your Ancestors might feel like an “out there” idea at first. Our Ancestors and loved ones that have passed over in Spirit are always with us–even the ones we never knew. We absolutely do receive signs and messages from them. We can seek their help and communicate with them. Healing comes when you’re able to “see” yourself in others. You can naturally hold space for who they were. Compassion and Unconditional Love allows us to forgive, heal family patterns and break cycles.

Consider the “Family Patterns Reading” if you’re interested in breaking cycles or the “It’s All Relative Reading” if you want to learn more about a relative’s personality, gifts and challenges. This reading is especially helpful when you want to learn more about one ancestor in particular that lived further back in time. You didn’t know them in life, but that doesn’t mean you can’t know them through Spirit.

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