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Astrology Consultations


The pattern planets make at the moment of your birth ( your natal chart) has something unique to say about your life. Your personal natal chart contains clues about your personality, temperament, gifts and challenges.

So, how can Astrology help? What are the practical advantages to knowing this information?

Career Advice

Before making an expensive educational investment or career change, explore vocations that are best suited to your personality and needs. An Astrology Reading is perfect for High School Students or first year College Students who haven’t settled on a major. This reading is also great for the person who is thinking about changing course and moving in a completely new life path direction. Astrology helps identify talents and gifts as well as career paths that best match up with your temperament and personality.


Get a head start on better parenting with an Astrology Reading for your child. Get to know your child’s Learning Style, Activity Level, Personality and Communication Style. All kids are different. The more you know, the better you can guide your child in developing their talents and work through possible challenges.


Astrology not only gives insight into what you need but can help IMPROVE ALL RELATIONSHIPS. When you learn what you require as well as the needs of those you are in relationship with, you naturally have more understanding and compassion. Differences in personalities are better understood. You’ll also learn about possible challenges in the relationship so you can adjust and come up with solutions.


Get to know your Ancestors! Everyone that does genealogy probably wonders what their ancestors were like and if they share similar personality traits. Astrology can answer that. Discover what traits are passed down through your Mother’s side. What patterns show up in your Father’s family? It’s fascinating getting to know the family you’ve never met.

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